Blanket Safe Blanket Wash Review

I have been so busy this summer. Like I have to schedule time to hang out with my friends busy. I have had barley any time to sit down and write, so this  post is soooo long over due! The owner of Blanket Safe, a specially designed blanket wash specifically for horse and pet clothes sent me a bottle of her product to try back in May. As many of you know, I was packing up my college life and moving back home to Chicago. Well the bottle of blanket wash got lost for a few months in the college existence boxes. Luckily I found it, and had the chance to wash Blue’s light sheet with it!

The packaging is appealing to the eyes with its unique logo and colorful design. I definitely would have caught my eye if I saw it at a tack store. She has a variety of different blanket washes to suit your needs on her Etsy and website. I was sent the Professional Horse Blanket Wash and Deodorizer in the “Sweet Cherry” flavor.  It has a faint scent, which is nice because I really do not like when Blue’s saddle pads or blankets smell like laundry detergent. It makes me fear that too much of the detergent got stuck into the fabric and would rub off on his skin. Blanket Safe has a very light weight formula, it is just a little bit thicker than water, so I have no fears that it will get stuck into the fabric of Blue’s sheet! 



This blanket wash is mean to be a COLD water wash. Most horse blanket detergents want you to use warm water and add a fabric softener along with it. The Blanket Safe wash requires only the wash itself and cold water, which I found refreshing! I have only ever used blanket washes that require multiple ingredients, and that can be frustrating when you are trying to wash stuff in one step.

The directions were clear on the back of the bottle. I used 5 ounces since my sheet wasn’t that dirty,  a little more than a half cup.


The Blanket Safe wash is also antibacterial and has a built in deodorizer. This means that it actively fights against bacteria while it washes and after it is out of the wash. It also helps keep the horse smells off of the blanket!


Here was my sheet before using the wash:



As you can see, my sheet has been worn this year. There are still shavings in the velcro and dirt marks all over the sheet and especially in the straps. This sheet is almost 9 years old but still in perfect shape. Thanks Schneiders!!


Ready for its wash with Blanket Safe!


I poured the Blanket Safe directly onto the sheet and put it on a hand wash cold cycle. 40 mins later my blanket was clean and good as new!

I am honestly impressed with how clean my sheet got even after a quick hand wash. This blanket wash is proof you do not need warm water to get a deep clean!

My sheet looks as clean as the day I bought it. I have washed it a few times this year, but none of those times got it as clean as the Blanket Safe did. I can really tell a huge difference between dirty and clean.

IMG_1897 2.jpg


No traditional blanket wash has ever gotten my straps looking this clean again!

IMG_1898 2.jpg




(I cannot for the love of God figure out how to fix the direction of these pictures @wordpress)

The final product:



Overall, I give the Blanket Safe Blanket Wash a 11/10! I love how it got the barn smell out of my sheet and made it look brand new!


You can purchase your own bottle of blanket safe here:

Blanket Safe Soap, Product Questions?


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