A Few Things I Have Been Loving Lately!

I am currently in the writing mood, so I decided to sit down and share with you some of my favorite horse related items I have been loving recently!!

I really love searching the internet for cool and innovative horse things. Whatever it may be—new coat spray (been dying to try out the Myst one!), trailer accessories, spur straps, whatever it is, I love testing out new products! I also love reading blogs about people trying out new products! This is usually what I do with my free time incase you were ever wondering! 

My birthday was March 3, and I really did not want anything for myself. I couldn’t come up with an expensive pair of shoes I wanted or needed, and I was going shopping in Chicago with my Grandma when I went home for spring break, so instead I decided to ditch my old grooming supplies that I have had for years and years, and replace them with state of the art new ones!

I have literally had the same brushes since I was 7 years old. I still remember going to the tack store called ‘The Riding Store’ and picking them out. My friend even gave me one for christmas when we were 12. I have all of these brushes, and barely used them from the time I got them until I got to college. I have kept great care of them since coming to college, washing them once a month and letting them air dry. They are still in great shape, but I wanted to get a matching set. 

I had read a bunch of reviews on Leistner Brushes for a few years, but never really thought anything more about them at the time that I read about them.


I searched for a bunch of other good quality brushes that were on the market, but none of them stood out like the Leistner brushes did. 

These brushes are handmade in Germany from goat and horse hair. They are super soft, all natural and super durable. 

My favorite thing about these brushes is that they already came in sets of 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 for you, so there was no guessing as to which brushes to pick out. 

I got mine from Teddy’s Tack Trunk, and I messaged their Facebook before purchasing to get some questions that I had answered.

Toi was extremely helpful and informative of which brushes I should buy. I wanted to get the set of 7 since that was the best deal, but I wanted to know if these were the best brushes, and what I was getting for the money. 

She reassured me that these were a collection of their best selling brushes. They were all extremely highly rated by everyone I talked to about them, so I decided to take the plunge and purchase the 7 piece set for $132. Now, this may seem high to some of you, but if you add up all the individual brushes you would be purchasing at Dover or SmartPak, the cost is relatively the same. 

I told Toi it was my birthday, and she even gave me free shipping! I am a huge online shopper and absolutely hate paying for shipping. It was so sweet of her to give me free shipping as a birthday present.

The brushes took what felt like literally thirty seconds to arrive to my apartment. The shipping was so fast, and they were packaged nicely and had a “fragile” sticker on the box when they arrived. 

I immediately took them out of the box and started putting my monogrammed stickers on them. I love that all the brushes matched to being with, but I am also so happy that I had enough monogram stickers left to put on them. I am super organized, and I love when all of my brushes have my initials on it. This way, there is no guessing who’s brush belongs to who! 

I took them to the barn and immediately I saw a difference in my grooming.  You would not think it, but having nice brushes for your horses coat makes a huge difference. 

I am so glad I purchased these brushes even with the slightly hefty price tag. I am now a Leistner girl for life, and am really not sure how I groomed Blue without them! 


The next two things I have been loving lately are also grooming products!

Ever since I was little, I remember having “pink coat spray” at the barn, but I was never quite sure what it was. 

Eventually, I did figure out that the “pink coat spray” was actually healthy hair conditioner! 


This stuff is in every Arabian show barn around the world. Its so good for your horses coat. It come in a concentrate so a bottle will last you a very long time. It’s an 8-1 ratio, so you add one part of the concentrate and 8 parts water! I have mine in a spray bottle. I have to shake it each time before I spray it on Blue, since it settles rather quickly. 

His coat is so shiny and clean because of this spray. It helps with tangles in his mane and tail, too! It does not have a sticky feeling nor does it make your saddle pad, polo wraps, or boots slip down. It has a very light and airy consistency, but you can see the difference in your horses coat after you use it! 


I am honestly mad at myself that I didn’t figure out what it was sooner than last year! I am so glad I got it, and I will never go back to using any other coat spray! 


The last item that I have been loving lately is this really simple curry comb from Epona! It is a jelly like curry comb with wide bristles. I can tell that it does a great job of massaging the skin and bringing dirt and grime to the surface. Every time I finish brushing Blue with it, I hit the back of it with my hand and tons of dirt falls right out. I will run it under the sink to make sure it is super clean for next time! 

I never thought I would love a curry comb so much, but this one is hands down my favorite!

What are some products that you guys have been loving lately? Let me know in the comments below! 

I plan on doing more posts like this in the near future. I love reading and writing about what products everyone is loving lately! 


What’s in the pictures:

Leistner Trophy Brush Set from Teddy’s Tack Trunk

Leistner Grooming Brush Sets & Bundles

Healthy Hair Moisturizer


Epona Curry Comb


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