My Response to the Eventing Nation Year End Superlative Article by Leslie Wylie

I am sure a lot of people have seen the article circulating around the horse side of Instagram, but incase you deleted all social media ( which is what I need to do), let me get you up to speed. Eventing Nation is a website for eventers by eventers where amateur and professional authors can voice their opinions on things going on within the sport, share tips and tricks, and even post fail videos or fail articles. Eventing Nation was a website I kept up with here and there in college, specifically since I was very involved with the eventing community in Alabama and around the southeast. Occasionally my friends would have their IG’s reposted to the website, get mentioned in an article after a horse show, or just send me articles to read. I have always been pretty neutral about the website, and eventing in general. I always thought the website had a negative undertone to it. In fact, every eventer I have ever met was always a negative nancy. There was no mental toughness within this community. It always seemed to be a “woah is me” mentality. I hated this. I hated it so much. In a sport that’s dangerous and exhilirating, its important to have a little mental toughness… seriously, like, just a little. I have another post about that… scroll down…. Anyways, I digress.

I have been to many different types of horse shows. I have been to Arabian shows, Saddlebred shows, open shows, western shows, stock shows, eventing shows, you name it, I have been there and I have seen it all. If not all of it, a lot of it. If I am being 100% honest, eventers were always the rudest of the bunch. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my college friends I met through eventing (well, some of them more than others) but their trainers were always so damn mean. And for what reason? Its not like getting ahead in this sport is easy. I worked my ass off for 4 years to get a 6th place ribbon my senior year of college. Was I mean or rude to anyone in order to do so?? NO! Did I step on toes to get ahead?? NOPE! Eventers have a perpetual chip on their shoulder. There is always the occassional good egg in the group, but for the most part, and in my experience. They all act like they have something huge to prove. They don’t ever seem to enjoy their sport or their horses. It’s a grudge like mentality, and it was defiantly illustrated in this LOVELY (sarcasm) article by Leslie Wylie for Eventing Nation.

She starts the article with saying that no eventers were nominated for the year end awards, and that Arabians took up a majority of the spots. But the way she said it: “No offense to Arabians, they have many laudable qualities including but not limited to great hair and very archy necks, but it does seem weird that exhibitors of the breed took five out of six of the Equestrian of the Year nominee list. “

EXCUSE ME?? NO OFFENSE?? Does the author know that when you say “no offense” it means you are intending to offend someone? How many times were Arabians left off the list and it was full of eventers? PROBABLY MORE TIMES THAN YOU CAN COUNT !! And yet, no Arab people have ever bitched about it once!!!

I also LOVE the fact that she says “great hair”. Like what the hell does that have to do with anything? Maybe your TB would have better hair, legs and a nicer neck if the breeding was better!!!

That “archy neck” Leslie, is something that can bend and arch in many ways, for example – saddleseat, hunter, western, sport horse, jumping, barrel racing…. you get the point. The list goes on. Sorry your event horse has a bad neck that can’t “arch” like my Arabs necks can.

She then goes onto say “Well, good to know that someone out there had a good 2020!” As in the Arabians. This just comes off as childish and immature. I am so sick and tired of these people from other disciplines treating Arabians like they do.

It would appear to me that she got a lot of backlash for her article, as she added not one, but TWO footnotes about how the awards are selected and about how she owned an Arabian for 26 years. Blah blah blah.

Leslie, shame on you. Shame on you for diminishing another breed different from your own. Shame on you for not taking the time to do your research and try to save yourself in the footnotes. Shame on you, and shame on Eventing Nation for posting this article. It is a disgrace to our beloved Arabian horses and the community that surrounds them. It shows that other breeds and disciplines do not care about other’s successes. It just goes to show that “eventers are superior” and the chip on their shoulder does in fact exist.

I have already submitted a compliant to and urge my readers to do the same. Leslie should retracte her article and it needs to be deleted from Eventing Nation.


I also wanted to include what I wrote in 2018 below. I posted this in the “Promoting Positive Change for the Arabian Breed” facebook group. It got a lot of attention and it needs attention again.

If you or someone you know feels the same way as me, please feel free to DM me on IG @Call.My.Agent. I would love to get some sort of group going on this topic.




FOOD FOR THOUGHT: I was just recently at an Arabian show in FL. I was at dinner with my trainer friend and we got into a great discussion about the versatility of the Arabian horse and how we couldn’t name another breed that could do all disciplines (saddle seat, hunter, western, sport horse, etc. the list goes on) that Arabians can do. Since coming to college, the majority of girls either ride hunters/jumpers, strictly dressage, or 3 day eventing. Because these were my only options to be involved in the equestrian community while at college, I decided to teach my horse how to jump/event. I enjoy challenging myself. It was a “anything you can do, I can do better” moment. I totally immersed myself in everything eventing. I learned who the “big name” riders and barns were. I learned the rules, got the correct gear, figured out how their “horse trial” shows worked, all while paying homage to the Arabian breed. However, I never felt that any of my “friends” did the same for me, an Arabian rider. They never seemed interested in my discipline, or wanted to learn about main ring hunter pleasure, native costume, or what a Park horse was. They seem so stuck in the eventing mentality, while I was totally interested in learning more about a different discipline. The great helmet debate always came up. They never understood that it was a breed thing. Take Morgans, Saddlebreds, and Quarter Horses as they other example. They never took the time to understand my breed, but the took the time to judge the helmet situation. They took the time to judge the clipping, the care, the upkeep. They couldn’t ever seem to look past these things and see the beauty and versatility of the breed. They never took the time to understand or ask questions about how Arabian shows worked, like I asked questions about horse trials. Call me curious, but I would be interested if someone was talking about how they need to order more stall drapes for shows.

My question is this– why do we, as Arabian owners and riders, [seem to] have more respect for other disciplines than they have respect for us? Does anyone else feel this way?

Note: This is just my observation. I have noticed these things over the past 3.5 years of college. I am just wondering if anyone feels similarly to me or has had a similar experience. I am in no way saying all hunter/jumper/eventing folks are like this. This has just been my personal experience.

What’s In My Groom Bag?


I am obsessed with grooming, like literally obsessed! I have curated the best grooming bag ever (in my opinion anyways!) and I wanted to share it with you all. It has taken me years and years of trial and error to figure out what products work best for me and my horses, and which brushes are the best on the market! And let me tell you, I have ALL the good stuff now!!

Let’s start with what all the grooming supplies are held in – the grooming tote. I swear this thing is a game changer. It has a mesh bottom so dirt falls right out. I loved it so much I bought the mini! I wish they made a wash rack bag, but they don’t so I had to improvise and make my own wash rack bag just like this one. I wanted something where the water could fall through the bottom and not puddle up in the bag. I ended up purchasing a $7 shower caddy off Amazon, and I have loved using it as a wash rack tote ever since! All of my shampoo bottles and wash rack products have somewhere to go, and the water falls right out of the bottom! I highly suggest purchasing a grooming tote or washrack bag that has a mesh bottom so dirt and water can fall right through, that way you are not bringing it back into your tack room with you! The one that I have is kind of expensive tho, but I thought it was well worth the money. I have had it for several years now and it has held up through a lot of shows I have gone to and a lot of wear and tear! Get yours in the links below!

Next, the most important thing in the groom bag: brushes. Brushes are so tricky, they can be expensive and crappy, and cheap and nice. They are something I put a lot of work and research into. I finally found the  best brushes on the market. They are the Leistner Brushes and you can only get them from Teddy’s Tack Trunk. The woman is so sweet and helped me find the exact brushes that I was looking for! I ended up getting the pack of their most popular brushes. This was the best value, and I have not been disappointed in the year+ that I have owned them. They are not only beautiful, but they work perfectly. Like I have never met a brush this nice. If you can, save up your money and buy the Liestner Brushes instead of anything off Smartpak or Dover. These will last way longer, and get the job done faster and better! I am  also a featured blog on her website so check it out!

Curry combs can be tough to find. I have found that I like the jelly feeling plastic ones. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Epona products. I swear they put out the highest quality grooming products. I try to only buy their curry combs and avoid other brands, but I have a few old ones from random places here and there. If there were one brand I would recommend tho, it would be the Epona curry comb! This company also makes sooo many cool sponges (tiger’s tongue) and other grooming supplies. They are constantly coming out with new and innovative grooming supplies, so be sure to look out for them on Smartpak.

I also love this mane and tail brush that I got off Smartpak. I have found that it detangles easier and there is less hair damage. I have also used it on myself several times! I keep an extra one in the trailer, and I have a keychain version just for fun in my truck!

My fav grooming products are pretty self explanatory – I love the healthy hair concentrate, vetrolin liniment and the vetrolin shine. I also love the horseshoer’s secret hoof dressing, I found that it makes a huge difference in hydrating their hoofs. I use the healthy hair before and after ever ride, and the vetrolin shine after every bath. I also use the yellow bottle pyranna fly spray in the summers. I did extensive research about this fly spray, and it is the best and most effective one on the market. I highly highly recommend it! It has been a staple in my groom bag for years.

I also like to keep some misc items in my groom bag, mostly cuz I got the room and pockets to store all of it. I like having Vaseline for their chestnuts and ergots, that way they can peel off easier. My friend Jackie told me about hemmeroid cream for hair growth on scars, and it works! I bought mine off Amazon to save myself the embarrassment of getting it in the drug store.

I keep scissors, electric tape and sunscreen in my groom bag as well.  For some reason I always need scissors, so its nice to have them right there. Electric tape is for random things, mostly when my stretchies break, and then sunscreen for the two pink noses I take care of, not myself! Lol!

So that’s about it for what I keep in my grooming tote. Some of the random stuff rotates. I’ll throw other junk in there as I go, but for the most part, everything gets used every single day! I love that I have a strict grooming routine down now. I have seen a huge difference in Blue’s coat while having a routine and using these specific products.

What do you guys keep in your groom bag? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, be sure to follow me on instagram and on YouTube: Sara Watkiss

love y’all and see you in the next blog!!



Sara and Blue


Items Mentioned:

Groom Tote (Large)

Groom Tote (Small)

Leistner Brushes

Mane n Tail Brush

Curry Combs

Hands on Gloves

Healthy Hair Concentrate

Healthy Hair Bottle

Horseshoer’s Secret Hoof Dressing

Keratex Hoof Hardener

Kevlar Hoof Shield

Hoof Pick


Fly Spray

After Bath Spray




Hemorrhoid Cream (IT MAKES HAIR GROW BACK!!)


Electric Tape

Triple Antibiotic Ointment



DIY Bit Wipes!





Here is a fun quarantine project – home made bit wipes! I have made these for years and I love them! They work just as well as the ones you buy for $15, but for a fraction of the cost!

Things you will need:

Tupperware Container

Blue Shop Towels

Peppermint Extract

Rubbing Alcohol (optional)



Take your shop towels and cut them into squares. I like to do a lot at a time, like 20-30. Make sure they are generally the same shape, as this will make cleaning with your wipes easier!

In your tupperware container, fill it with water (not too much, just enough to have the towels soak it all up), and add as much peppermint extract as you would like. I only do a little bit, since a little goes a long way.  You can also use spearmint, or any other mint extract. You could also use a spearmint or peppermint essential oil as well (just make sure they are edible and non toxic)! An optional additive is rubbing alcohol for a sanitizing effect. Do not add too much, as the bit will eventually go in your horses mouth.

Submerge your shop towels into the tupperware container, so that they are fully drenched by the water & peppermint mixture. Let your towels sit for a few hours or over night so that they absorb the water, alcohol and extract.

Once they sit use them to clean your horse’s bits! They will get dried hay off of them with ease! I use a few towels per bit, just to ensure they are super clean. After I clean the bits with my homemade bit wipes, I then submerge the bits into hot water for a few seconds, just to make sure they are super clean! You could also put peppermint extract into hot water and let your bits soak for a few hours.

If you want to clean your bits even faster, try popping them in the dishwasher on a fast rinse cycle. They will come out sparkling! ( do not use soap and do not have dishes in with them, lol)

Be sure to tag me on IG if you try out these homemade bit wipes!

Check out my YouTube channel for more fun tips and tricks: Sara Watkiss


Sara and Blue

All of my Back on Track Products Ranked!


Back on Track products have been around for a while, but I feel like they have become uber popular in the last few years! When I was in college, I had no idea about back on track. I thought my friends and teammates were purchasing cute but extremely expensive show sheets! They always talked about the great effects of the products, but I had never tried them out for myself! I decided to purchase my first ever back on track product on black Friday in 2018. I went all out and purchased the mesh sheet for a steal of a deal on SmartPak! I think i got it for less than $200 shipped. They are usually over $250!

At first, I was skeptical, how could a sheet impact my horse in such a positive way? Back on Track products use a special fabric that radiates heat from your body, back into your body to increase circulation. Here is the full explanation:

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 8.48.42 PM.png

Anyways, so I did some research, talked to some friends and in a few days after black Friday, I had my very own back on track sheet! (Okay, BLUE had his very own Back on Track sheet) I remember using it for the first time in January at a horse show. It was rainy and cold that day, very odd for south GA. I put it on Blue a few hours before we went to ride. He can usually be quite cold backed and fresh when the temperature drops, especially when it is cold and rainy.  Not only did we have the best warmup ever, he was not cold backed or fresh!! The back on track sheet worked FANTASTICALLY! Like the claims had said, it would make your horse feel like they had already been warmed up! From that point on I was sold. I have purchased a bunch of other products since, but I think that my sheet has to be my #1 favorite!



17782_onhorse_new-1.jpgHere are the other products that I have purchased, ranked!

  1. Mesh Sheet – the clear winner out of all the BOT products I own.
  2. Saddle Pads –  I use these every. single. day. I love them! I have both the AP and Dressage version. I have used them for schooling and to show. Can’t say enough good stuff about it!
  3. Standing Wraps – I like these a lot more than the quick wraps, because I tend to lean more towards standing wraps versus quick wraps anyways!
  4. Hock Boots – Perfect for before a jump school or a cross country lesson. Blue doesn’t like when I put them on (probably cuz they feel weird on his hock at first) but then he stands very nicely once they are on. I like the effects they have had on his hocks as well.
  5. Quick Wraps  – Like I said, I prefer the standing wraps, but the quick wraps are great before a ride as well.
  6. Exercise Boots – I think I hate these things. They slip down on their legs and do not provide the same effects. I think they are a gimmick, even tho they have the same mesh fabric. I have not seen a huge difference in these, and prefer my woof boots for protection.
  7. Limber Up Liniment – I purchased this once, and I was not impressed. I prefer the vetrolin to this over and over. Don’t waste your money just because it has the BOT label on it! Don’t fall for the scam! lol.


I have not tried the other exercise boots, the open fronts, or the bell boots. I honestly do not see a need for them, as I feel like my normal bell boots and exercise boots are giving my horses enough protection and the mesh fabric is not going to help a hell of a lot more.

What are your favorite back on track products? Have you tried any before? If you have, let me know in the comments below! I love getting to try new products out and see what everyone is loving these days!

See y’all in the next blog or youtube video!

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Sara & Blue


Products Mentioned:

Quick Wraps

Mesh Sheet

Standing Wraps

Hock Boots

Exercise Boots

Saddle Pads

Horse Trailer Essentials!

With show season *right around the corner* (hopefully lol)  I wanted to share some of my favorite things I keep in my horse trailer at all times! I seriously use all of these items EVERY time I take my trailer some place! I have recommend them time and time again, and wanted to share with everyone what they are!!!


#1 Noble Outfitters Pitch Fork

SERIOUSLY this pitch fork is game changing. It is ergonomic and comfortable to hold. The fork pieces NEVER break, and if they do, you can replace them individually!!!! I got it in black and blue since those are my colors literally YEARS ago and the thing is still brand new. It comes to every show with me and does a great job every time!



#2 Gooseneck Hookup Helper Pipe

I honestly do not have a better name for this thing! It’s a pipe of sorts that you put onto your ball so you can see how far you have to back up. Once you hit the pipe and it falls off, your hitch should be directly over your ball, making for an easy and seamless way to back up your trailer!! It’s honestly dummy proof! It makes hooking up your trailer so easy even my dad can do it. I love the thing so much!



#3 Gigantic Wheel Chocks

You’re gonna need these if you park your trailer literally anywhere. I love the gigantic ones since they fit better under my gigantic semi truck tires.


Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 9.44.01 AM.png


#4  Tire Pressure Gauge

Seriously this is something you HAVE to have if you are traveling with your trailer! I double check my tire pressure every time before I leave for a horse show and before I go home. I would be in a bad position if one of my tires popped! Luckily I also have everything I need to change my tires, but this thing helps prevent any crazy mishaps!



#5 Motion Activated Battery Operated Lights

I have 3 of these in my trailer and they are seriously the best!! Gone are the days of having to plug your electric into your truck just to get something out of your trailer in the dark. They are motion activated and battery operated, meaning they turn on when you open your trailer door and turn off automatically! They take no juice from your truck to run, so you can go into your trailer in the dead of night and still be able to see. Worth every penny!



So those are some of my horse trailer essentials, what are yours? Comment down below! Be sure to follow me on instagram for more fun content like this!!



Sara & Blue

My ALL TIME Favorite Horse Products!!! *ROUND UP*


Hi everyone!!! I wanted to share my ALL TIME FAVORITE horse products. I use these products on an everyday basis and/or have been using them for YEARS! Once I like a product, I stick to it! I have strict grooming and feeding routines for each horse of mine, and I love getting to pamper them with only the best products and tack! I wanted to share them with you guys incase you were looking for new products or just wanted to do some online shopping! I love getting to read people’s blogs about things they use on a daily basis for their horses! It is a great way to learn about new techniques, new products, or just new stuff in general! It’s always a great idea to keep learning as you grow in your riding and horsemanship! So without further ado, here is my gigantic list of my favorite horse items of all time!! Enjoy! 

PS! I have another list of my favorite items of all time, horse and non horse related! Click the “Shop My Favorites” tab in the upper left hand corner to shop all of my favorites!






The *Absolute* BEST ~horse show~ MAKEUP! (non-drug store starter kit!)

Hello everyone and welcome back to another ~blog~. Here I am bored as heck, if you couldn’t already tell. Work has been very slow recently, and I have had a lot of free time on my hands. I am trying to come up with different ways to be creative during this time. I have done a lot of projects around the house, cleaned my closet more times than I can count, cleaned my makeup drawers, reorganized my horse trailer (which needs to be done again, oops), rode a lot of horses, worked a bunch, worked on other passion projects, and I still feel bored. Idk how to explain it. I LOVE being at home, but when you’re at home too much, it starts to get boring.  But I am trying my best to get some fun and creative content out there. I recenlty posted two youtube videos, one about a show from last April, which I did not even realize was a year ago!! That is crazy. I also posted a “horse show bun” tutorial. I know I keep saying it, but hopefully we get to go to some shows this year!!

To follow up my youtube video about the best horse show makeup, I wanted to do a blog post about it as well! I totally did not include eye shadow in this (total accident) but I think that whatever eyeshadow you want to use in your horse show look will work just fine!

So without further ado, here is the best horse show makeup to use! Note: Most of this is from Ulta/Sephora, but I will be doing an updated *DRUGSTORE* horse show makeup starter kit as well! I love all products from the drug store and higher end stores like ulta, so I wanted to cover both bases. Stay tuned!



Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base


IT Cosmetics

Too Face Born This Way

Dior Airflash


Makeup Revolution

Tarte Shape Tape

Setting Powder (not shown, oops):

Laura Mercier Setting Powder

Pressed Powder:

Benefit Hello Happy


Anastasia Pink Passion

Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff


Kylie Cosmetics in Toasty


NYX Born to Glow Liquid

Becca Highlighter


Benefit Gimme Brow

Benefit Dual Brow Stick

Benefit Paint Pot Thing

ELF Clear Setting Gel


Lancome Big Monsieur



Too Face Better Than Sex


Kylie Lip Kit

Winky Lux Lip


Eyelure London

Setting Spray:

Urban Decay All Nighter


Fun Things To Do While You’re At Home!!!!

Hi everyone!! Hope everyone is doing okay in these crazy times!!

I wanted to put together a list of things to do while you’re stuck at home. Some are horse related and some are not. If you end up doing any of these, be sure to tag me on instagram!!!

  • Tie Dye anything and everything! You can get dye from target or amazon for really cheap! A few months ago I did sweatpants and they turned out so cool!
  • Bleach Tie Dye- its like the reverse tie dye! Take a colored sweatshirt and wrap it up as you normally would, but instead of using dye, use bleach! My friend did it and hers turned out so cool! Mine did’t turn out as cool!
  • Binge youtube videos or start making your own youtube videos!!! I love watching YouTube more than TV these days! I also love making my own videos, so be sure to subscribe to me! (Sara Watkiss on YT)
  • Coloring books
  • Puzzles
  • Make home made horse treats
  • play card games with your family ( i suggest ordering the game called Dutch Blitz on amazon! its my fav!)
  • Bake! I have been baking so much, and I love it!
  • Try out new recipies
  • Clean out your closet and start selling your stuff on poshmark and make extra cash!
  • Clean your bathroom (i know you have bath and body works stuff you don’t need anymore laying around!)
  • Re-decorate your room! Move your furniture around and be spontaneous about it!
  • Re organize your ribbons from horse shows.
  • Re organize your dresser drawers!
  • Start a YouTube Channel
  • Start a horse instagram
  • FaceTime your friends
  • make a tik tock
  • watch tik tocks
  • Play with your dog or cat
  • make your dog or cat a house out of cardboard boxes
  • get a craft kit from target or walmart!
  • Make a whole meal out of things you only have in your fridge
  • Online shop!!!! My fav thing to do!!
  • Paint something
  • Go for a walk outside
  • Play in your backyard with your siblings or pets!
  • Annoy your family members!

I’ll be adding to this list, so check back often!!!

I love yall so much!!


Sara and Blue

Some ~*Fun*~ Things From Riding Warehouse!!!


Hi everyone!!! Today I thought it would be fun to put together some fun and new products for summer!! I love looking on Riding Warehouse, which has been my go to online tack store since I started college! They always have a coupon code and their website is really user friendly, which I LOVE! They also have the lowest prices of every competitor, free shipping and free return shipping. This post is NOT SPONSORED by them, but dang I wish it was! I like how they section off new arrivals by week, making it easy to look at what is brand new and in stock. They really have a huge assortment of all the brands we know and love, to brand new brands and cool products to try!

Here is a list of fun things I saw on their website that would be great for the summer riding months! Why not online shop now while you’re stuck at home?!?!

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 2.31.57 PM

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 2.37.28 PM

Understanding Action Aids

Hello everyone!!! I thought this would be a fun topic to discuss! I have a lot of Arabian specific followers on my instagram, but I also have a large eventing following as well. I love that I get to connect the two worlds and help everyone better understand breeds and disciplines different from what they are generally used to!

Since moving back from college, I have been much more Arabian focused on my blog, YouTube, and instagram than eventing focused. That is because there are more Arab shows up north, and less eventing shows. Same goes for down south, more eventing, less Arab. So it has switched completely!

I am really kicking myself for not starting my channel while I was in college! I literally went to a schooling show every other weekend, and it would have been so fun to document it all. Oh well! I know I will live in Alabama again one day soon (seriously I hope its within a year) and i’ll have plenty of shows to vlog!

Anyways, the topic of today’s blog comes from my most recent instagram post, showing both of my horses working in stretchies, which is a form of action aid. It’s important to note I have Arabian horse followers and eventing followers who are potentially unaware of this training trick, which is why I wanted to go into further detail on it!! I love getting to share things from different breeds and disciplines to help everyone better understand something they might not already know about!

There are several forms of action aids, this can include: chains, stretchies, throat sweats, blinker hoods, and weighted bell boots. I am just going to cover these topics today. There are several other forms of training aids, but I do not use all of them or know much about them. An example of another form would be shaking a box of rocks to get your horse to trot bigger, or using a metal cookie sheet to get the same effect. It pumps them up a bit and gets them trotting bigger. These are more common knowledge than stretchies, I would say.

I am also going to be doing a youtube video explaining a few of these, so stay tuned!


Chains are exactly what they sound like. A metal chain goes around the horses front feet in order to add weight, which helps in strengthening and conditioning their entire body. Chains can provide the right amount of pressure to help the horse increase its stride and balance themselves out. They do not have to be heavy, they can be light, but the idea is that it helps them balance their stride and weight out more evenly. It’s like a mental tactic, they feel something on their foot, and it causes them to move differently, hopefully in a more correct way. Once your horse is going correctly, it will be able to gain muscle properly and be stronger in the correct areas.



A leather form of a hobble goes around the horses ankle, then a stretchy rope (hence the name) clips onto the hobble on each foot. The stretchy rope is usually made with surgical tubing of some sort, and has clips on either end. This tubing can snap and break, which is good and bad. Good because you can adjust the length of the tubing to another horse if it breaks, bad because it might break often with use! Stretchies are only to be used for 5-8 mins total. Do not ride in them longer than that. You can ride and long line in them. TROT only. No canter, they are not made for horse at the canter! The purpose is to strengthen the horses ability to lift its front legs at the trot. It then gains muscle and becomes a more elastic gait naturally. They can also correct incorrect steps in the behind, since they allow the horse to take a more correct step up front. If everything is square up front, the back then has to be square as well!

Stretchies come in different sizes, usually with fleece around the anklet so the horse is comfortable



Throat Sweat & Neck Sweat:

This is used for exactly what it sounds like! Goes around the horses throat (or full neck) to increase and encourage sweating. This allows them to have a more dished out throat  and skinny neck and be able to come into the bridle easier. Blue used to wear one throughout the entire summer. I now use a neoprene one when I ride in the summer to get the same effect. I have not used a full neck sweat in years, but I know other breeds still use them. It is actually one of my fav training tools that I am looking forward to incorporating into my routine this summer!


Blinker Hood:

Can’t drive if your horse can see what’s behind them! I like to use this for long lining and lunging just for fun sometimes. Gets the horse used to it, and it can’t hurt them. Its mostly so they focus on what they are doing and so they do not see the long lines or the jog cart behind them.


Weighted Bell Boots:

I believe this is more of a saddlebred thing, but they use weighted bell boots to achieve the same effect as chains or stretchies, just with more weight and pressure added. I believe it gets the job done faster, but it can be more dangerous. I personally have not used weighted bell boots, but it is an effective training aid when used properly!


If you guys want more info about training aids, please DM me on instagram! I should also have a youtube video uploaded about it later this week! Be sure to follow me on IG and on YouTube (Sara Watkiss) for more fun horse related stuff!



Sara and Blue